1. Rant (Returning woo!) #9: Video Game Communities

    I'm back to doing rants. I remember having so much fun writing the old ones, and y'know what, I've got some steam I'd like to blow off. So here we go.

    Around late 2014 (so, uh, recently) I made an effort to get into League of Legends. My first MOBA. League of Legends, from a distance, seemed pretty cool. The only downside was having to pay money to unlock characters but hey, whatever. So I download it and play the tutorial. I do it once or twice and say to myself "Okay, I think ...
  2. The PKMNERB Super Season Suggestion Box!

    We need YOUR suggestions for Season 5, our Super Season!

    In case you didn't know, we are not following along with the upcoming storm of ERBs

    Starting maybe mid-January, we will be releasing all fifteen of our hype-inducing battles EVERY OTHER MONDAY!
    It's gonna be pretty baller.

    BUT we need your suggestions! A lot of them.

    We want action, we want epic, we want Flygon, Togekiss, Malamar, Darmanitan, Skarmory, Noivern, ...
  3. ZoroarkPKMN's Most Wanted Characters for Smash Bros (Part 1)

    Today I'm doing characters part one. Another day I'll finish, another I'll do assist trophies.

    1. Palutena (Kid Icarus Uprising)
    Come on, Uprising is my favorite 3DS game (yes, over X&Y). Palutena would be a good character, not only gameplay wise but concept-wise. Palutena's move set would be pretty simple:
    B - Light Sphere
    Similar to Samus' charge beam, Palutena charges up a sphere of light and charges it. It can be saved and fired at any time. ...
  4. Top 10 Pokemon of Each Gen: Johto

    Round 2.

    10. Ampharos
    Ampharos is cool. There, I said it. He's an Electric-type sheep. Still not impressed? He Mega-Evolves into He-Man. It's just downright cool to me.

    9. Skarmory
    Why is one of your favorite Johto Pokemon a giant metal bird that flies? Well, why is Scizor awesome? People look at Scizor and go, "He should fly!" But in my opinion, we've already got a giant flying death machine, and that's Skarmory. Cheers, dude.

  5. Top 10 Pokemon of Each Gen

    I'll do it.

    10. Gyarados
    Trying not to copy others who've done this, but I just can't. I started liking Gyarados when I saw the episode of the Pokemon anime where Ash, Brock, and Misty get trapped on the upside-down St. Anne with Team Rocket, and James throws away his useless Magikarp into the ocean, countered by it evolving and enveloping them all in a cyclone. Badass. The reason Gyarados is not farther up on this list is because it's not Dragon-type. Like what. My Gyarados ...
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