1. merry christmas

    twas the night before christmas
    and all through my shed
    no one was stirring
    because they were all dead

    then i went to my shed
    and i saw saint nick
    trying to steal my presents
    so i kicked him in the dick

    merry christmas everyone
  2. I'm so sad right now

    So apparently there might not be any NRL Micro Figures next year.

    This really makes me sad. I've spent a good portion of the past 2 years collecting them. I have literally every player they've made with the exception of one, and he's in the mail anyway.

    They will be back in 2018 by the looks of things, but what the fuck am I gonna do for that whole year?
  3. top 5 edgiest characters i know

    hey guyz time for a top 5

    number 5: jake granville (not really a character but he looks really edgy)

    number 4: umbreon, which seems to be a poster boy for edgy teens who play pokeman, as well as zoroark, absol, and sometimes ninetales

    number 3: shadow the edgehog

    number 2: that sasuke bloke from naruto

    number 1: fucking dark pit
  4. a poem - 2 minute noodles by Rocket

    my dick is like a 2 minute noodle

    it's really long so you can suck my doodle

    mitchell pearce put his in a poodle

    idk any other rhyming words
  5. how to fly a dildocopter

    step 1: put in the dildo key and turn it

    step 2: watch the dildo blades go round and round

    step 3: shoot your dildo missiles at the enemy (probably sam)

    step 4: get girls every day

    thats how to fly the dildocopter
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