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    Ranger is Santa
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    Merry Christmas
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stannis
    That sucks, Rocket.

    I'd really like to see them, tho, I love collections and mini-figures
    I'll put a picture up in the collections thread when the last one arrives in the mail. No point in me posting a photo of an incomplete set!
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    That sucks, Rocket.

    I'd really like to see them, tho, I love collections and mini-figures
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    yeah probably
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    Such beautiful music
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    That's deep
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    Scrafty > Scraggy
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    Sorry, geography nerd incoming. The exact opposite of Australia geographically is the Atlantic Ocean. However, depending on where you are you might hit Canada or maybe even the northeast part of the United States. I may be wrong though, this is coming from the map projection in my head right now.
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    I'm pretty sure Australia is exactly opposite of America. XP
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    ok sweet as see you there
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    Apparently at least 22 hours from here sooooooooo I'd be able to make it in those last two hours : D
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    Sadly, Sydney is a 15 hour flight for me, so I probably won't make it
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    also it's tomorrow in just over 24 hours or so
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    idk, gyarados *shrug*
    New South Wales
    because crocodiles
    idk any
    sonny bill williams x hitler
    you have meeeeeeeeeeeeeee right : D
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