1. a song for hot gay dad

    my dad is hot
    my dad is gay
    i have sex with him every day
    it's really great
    but i am straight
    dad please stop or my butt will break

    and that is the song i wrote about dad
    now you all know about his character
  2. Scraggy confirmed for ERBoH

    He is officially part of this forum forever now

    Praise be unto him
  3. Rocketcon

    hey guys if you all can afford to fly to sydney on short notice Rocketcon is happening at westpoint blacktown this will be the only rocketcon and your only chance to meet me IRL so yeah see you there
  4. What do you know about rocket and/or stealing ideas?

    1. What is my favourite Mega Pokemon?
    2. Which state do i live in?
    3. How many crocodiles have I caught?
    4. Who do i plan on cosplaying as in 2016?
    5. How big is my amiibo collection?
    6. Why do i like the colour green?
    7. I did a solo run of which region's elite 4 with a Scraggy?
    8. Who is my favourite doctor?
    9. What is my only ship?
    10 (bonus q). Why do i have no friends?
  5. I am prime minister

    As of this day, November 3rd, 2015, I am official Prime Minister of

    As prime minister I will use my power to declare Corey in The House as Chinese Cartoon of the year, and that rich people are officially banned from the forum

    Goodbye friends
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