Dr. Ninja

  1. #NationalGirlfriendDay

    My girlfriend is like Windows 9.
  2. My Goals for Next year/Summer

    Yay, summer where you get to relax for 2 months...unless you have 3 classes of summer homework, marching bad camp, an reading.

    Well i signed up for 3 AP Classes:


    Now because I want to get some good classes for the extra 1 gpa and to look good for colleges, I'm going to try getting A's and B's and a GPA of atleast 4.0

    My Goal in grading:

    Spanish 3: B or higher. I am not good at Spanish.
  3. Finals

    I'm pretty some of you have finished school but I wonder how hard you think your finals were and good you did.

    So far I inly took my Algebra IIe final an only got an 89/100 because i forgot todo a wuestion i skipped.

    All I have left is Chemistry (Shouldn't bethat hard), English10H (meh), and Spanish 2 (bleh). It sucks because I have a 73% in spanish and I'm afraid I might get a bad score and get a D
  4. andom list of things I hate (In school)

    -people who walk incredibly slow in the hall
    -Especially when they are in a horizontal line

    -Girls who come up to me and start calling me cute when I'm a alone (USually just waiting for a friend
    -I like girls but don't like being talked to like I am 6.

    -Teachers who do nothing but give lectures all day
    -Except math I don't remember stuff from AP Euro by just hearing my teacher talk for an hour.

    -My English Teacher ...
  5. My pet duck

    I have a duck that is 1 foot long and lives in my pants. His favorite foods are doghnuts, blue waffles, and melons. He always gets them everyday and grows big everytime he does but shrinks down soon after eating.

    His favorite duck friends are Cody, PolarThor, Donald, and Hook. My duck thinks he is a better duck than all of them.

    I bring him to school everyday and all the girls want to pet him, and he usually jumps for joys when they do. He would usually spit on them ...
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