1. I'm pregnant

    this will be my baby

    This is why I haven't been too active lately
  2. Song a Day or whatever #102

    Because 102 is more than 101

    Oh hey, ERB technically counts as a song
  3. Song a Day or whatever #101

    Because 101 is more than 100

    This must be what all of Nirvana sounds like to old people xP
  4. Song a Day or whatever #100

  5. Song a Day or whatever #97+98+99


    Ahhh this album. I still don't really like the music much, but it's at least tolerable, and since I can tolerate the music, it gives me some room to enjoy the quite certainly above average lyrics.

    "Faith is to be awake" OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH so that's why I'm always so tired, because I'm an atheist! Got it.

    But seriously, good stuff lyrically any way. Musically this song isn't too bad either, well, until ...
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