1. Song a Day or whatever #97+98+99


    Ahhh this album. I still don't really like the music much, but it's at least tolerable, and since I can tolerate the music, it gives me some room to enjoy the quite certainly above average lyrics.

    "Faith is to be awake" OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH so that's why I'm always so tired, because I'm an atheist! Got it.

    But seriously, good stuff lyrically any way. Musically this song isn't too bad either, well, until ...
  2. Song a Day or whatever #2

    Meh fuck it, today we'll be looking at a band/person/whatever the fuck you call this that I'd easily put in my top 5 favorites :3 I decided on picking a song from this album but it was a bit hard deciding on which one to use. But meh, let's go with this one.

    It really is interesting just listening to all three of Tame Impala's albums. It's like every new album got more electronic and poppier than the last one. And... honestly, they're all great albums. I'd ...