1. Song a Day or whatever #3

    Well, it appears it's about that time again. Hey, remember when Bernie Sanders won Michigan? And how Detroit was basically the only reason it was so close? Well, the reason I was listening to this song more recently is a combination of that fact and the fact that it's just a damn good song =P

    You know, I really do enjoy songs that sound really cheerful but have kind of depressing lyrics. It's like the song's trying to put a cheerful front to hide all the ...

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    Song a Day or whatever
  2. Song a Day or whatever #2

    Meh fuck it, today we'll be looking at a band/person/whatever the fuck you call this that I'd easily put in my top 5 favorites :3 I decided on picking a song from this album but it was a bit hard deciding on which one to use. But meh, let's go with this one.

    It really is interesting just listening to all three of Tame Impala's albums. It's like every new album got more electronic and poppier than the last one. And... honestly, they're all great albums. I'd ...
  3. Song a Day or whatever #1

    Fuck it, I guess I'll take a shot at this as well because idk what else to do with my life. I'm really original I know. For our first song, I guess I'll start with something that I literally just started listening to yesterday xP

    and no, this song is not representative at all of what most of the songs I'll post on here are going to be like xP but yeah, yesterday I was browsing through iTunes and they had a bunch of alternative albums on sale for ...

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    Song a Day or whatever
  4. So...

    My favorite author of all time died today.

    Also I discovered that I was diagnosed with Asperger's back in 2009 but I only learned about it today. But now that Aspergers isn't actually the correct term I guess I just have a high functioning form of autism... which means I now have even more of a right to hate assholes on the internet who throw"autistic" around as an insult just as often as they do "f*ggot" ... so that's a thing.

    So yeah, today was... ...

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  5. Oh hey I'm using the blog function 0_o


    What can I do with it?

    Should I spam dancecats?

    Should I start complaining about my life?

    Should I spam dancecats?


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