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  1. Stream of Consciousness Verse 2- Fuck Comic Sans amirite?

    Prepare yourselves for Round 2-

    3... 2... 1... GO!

    I put the pie in the microwave, please don't let it die,
    Cuz if it does then I revoke my right to be a guy!
    Don't take lessons from a duck when it comes to guns,
    Instead put all your training to good use, conduct puns!
    Yeah bitch I just made a pun, whatcha gonna do?
    Nothing! Cuz I rub my lube on you.
    Never gonna stop what I've got started,
    So buckle up cuz this ...
  2. Polar Admits It 2

  3. Stream of Consciousness Verse 1- Chloroform n' Frankenfurters

    For the heck of it I'll be posting a verse every day that comes directly from my mind. My rule is, once I type something I can't take it back, (I'll only edit for grammar mistakes and to make consecutive lines rhyme if they don't already.) In addition, my typing must be continuous. I will try not to stop while typing. You'll just have to take my word for it that the verse is completely unaltered. So, without further ado, let's see what madness I create.

    Yo, yo, I like the ocean, I ...
  4. Polar Admits It

  5. Something I made while bored in 20 minutes or so