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  1. My Forum "Tumblr"

    Here, I will post all the shiat like you would on tumblr. Text posts, GIFFFSSSSSSSS, images, videos, AMA stuff, and random adda shiat.
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  2. Need help with battles

    I am like having a bad day to make it better I was wondering if anyone could help me with the CBRB.
    I need someone who
    is a DC Expert And Marvel expert
    Ok hope u can help bye /:
  3. So...

    This is the blog system huh? I could put this to good (educational) use.
  4. The First Blog Post Ever

    Well, at this point, i've just found the blog system.

    I know the forums are just getting started and all, but it's not necessarily the most pleasant experience when navigating the forums.

    My birthday is on Sunday, my party is tomorrow, so I probably won't be on much then. Then Monday through Wednesday is semester finals, so I may not be on a lot then either.

    Today my high school had a "party" for the end of the year, which consisted of most ...
  5. I come from the future!!! 100% Real! Time Travel EXPOSED! Forum Future from 2069!

    Dion moved to California and now works on the battles.
    That being said, Polar is an Admin.
    "Janet Admin"
    Gunnut is a mod.
    "Sectional Fanatic"
    Top is a Super Mod
    "Super Gentleman"
    Also, Zyroda became unbanned and is now the most respectable mod.
    "Sectional Respectable Mod"
    Also Sam is still a Super Mod-Admin Mutant.
    If it's worth noting,
    I become a Mega Ultra Neat Admin.
    "Omega ...