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  1. I'm not salty anymore

    As I may get the 25,000+ post colour after all
  2. A Song A Day - Day #47

    My "A Song A Day" series has been running continuously since 11/24/2013.
    However the Youtube code is broken
  3. I Never Miss These Quotes: A Quote Blog

    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig (Regarding me, Mom jokes, and Sane's sister) View Post
    Scenarios in which depict a properly timed and formulated epigram sure to have the forumers spanking at their knees:

    A) Gunnut and the sister of Sane share a common mother, suggesting either a pure relationship, or more likely that Sane's mother partook in promiscuous acts.

    B) Gunnut was such a smooth seducer in infancy that he managed to procreate with Sane's mother within enough time to produce Sane's sister!

    Mt sides are in quite the pickle just imagining
  4. Praise be unto ERB for a well-timed update video

  5. I'm just salty I'll probably never get the 25,000+ post colour

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