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  1. Song a Day or whatever #15

    Hey, wynaut have more songs that incorporate classical instrumentation for no reason? =D

    I haven't listened to much from this band beyond this song, but hey, I like this song. Perhaps I'll try out the rest of this album at some point, perhaps. Wikipedia lists their genre as "symphonic metal", I was not even aware that was a thing, but hey, now I do.

    Well, if you could figure out one thing right away, it's that this song is kind of sort ...

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    Song a Day or whatever
  2. Song of the Day Thing #83

    So uh, I guess it's National Dog Day or something. Guess I'll just push this song of the day up a bit for the dog jokes and stuff. This song has a really interesting melody, I like the buildup from the minimal instruments at the beginning to the swinging instrumentation the song gradually develops. The lyrics to this song are quite interesting as well, although I have to admit I'm not entirely sure what they all mean. My best guess is that this song is about an ...
  3. Song a Day or whatever #14

    Oh hey, it's been two weeks now. I suppose there's a super obvious pick but Sanic already picked it and there are PLENTY of Grizzly Bear songs I like more than that. So how about someone that has absolutely nothing to do with Grizzly Bear? I arbitrarily decided to listen to this album again today, feels like it has been a while.

    I've been trying to avoid posting songs I picked for the what song are you listening to thread or whatever so the one I felt more ...

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    Song a Day or whatever
  4. Song a Day ??? #9 or some shit:

  5. Song a Day ??? #8 or some shit: Rachel Platten: Fight Song