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  1. A Song A Day - Day #48

  2. I'm not salty anymore

    As I may get the 25,000+ post colour after all
  3. A Song A Day - Day #47

    My "A Song A Day" series has been running continuously since 11/24/2013.
    However the Youtube code is broken
  4. I Never Miss These Quotes: A Quote Blog

    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig (Regarding me, Mom jokes, and Sane's sister) View Post
    Scenarios in which depict a properly timed and formulated epigram sure to have the forumers spanking at their knees:

    A) Gunnut and the sister of Sane share a common mother, suggesting either a pure relationship, or more likely that Sane's mother partook in promiscuous acts.

    B) Gunnut was such a smooth seducer in infancy that he managed to procreate with Sane's mother within enough time to produce Sane's sister!

    Mt sides are in quite the pickle just imagining