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  1. A Song A Day #29 - Fatlip - Sum 41

    NOTE: You probably should use headphones since the song uses an effect where one line comes in one ear then the next comes out in the other. As a person who doesnt own headphones, this means half the song is silence for me 3: Any ideas on how to fix it? :3 Besides buying headphones, of course.
  2. So...

    Remember that time I posted links to my Dropbox files with controls set for a game?

    Well yeah basically I was thinking I'd do dat game

    cause I like installed the Unreal Developer Kit (It's the free version of UE3 I'm not a pirate dun hurt pls.)

    So yeah I may try to learn the script and shit.

    Suggestions for the game? Well too bad.

    I don't want to get hopes up but this could be tactful for the Deadliest Forumer program. ...
  3. PRESIDENTIAL Fact of the Day #2

  4. Have yous

    Ever had a dream where you know it's a dream but don't know how to control it? I'm not sure if it counts as lucid dreaming or idk. Basically, I had a dream where I went out for a picnic with these white folks who claimed to be my family. Now I just went along with it until I realized it was some mass lynching rally. They herded all the ethnic minorties up in a line and began lynching them (starting with three black kids who were being lynched by their own black father who constantly referred to ...
  5. A Song A Day #28 - Pain - Three Days Grace