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  1. Daily Blog #4

    Studying is piling up, I hate it. I have to study for shit I don't even need it, because the educational system wants me to. I just want to read the stuff I want and study what I need.

    I've watched a lot of old Disney animated movies. They're great. Hades is awesome, too bad the voice actor didn't do much else. Oh well.

  2. Daily Blog #3

    Did house work ALL DAY.

    So there's not much I can say here. I love writing, but sometimes I love how I write and sometimes I despise it.

    Short blog, I guess.

    Watched James and the Giant Peach today. Disney + Roald Dahl = Love.

  3. Daily Blog #2

    Adonis reminded me I have to talk about myself.

    Today was a quiet day. I didn't go to school because I didn't feel like it. We got 30th November and 1st of December off, and I didn't go on the 2nd, only on the 3rd. So I decided fuck it and didn't go on the 4th either.

    Bought a lot of books today. Can't wait to read everything. I got Faust again, I love that book.

    Checked Reddit a lot, mostly out of habit. I hate wasting time.

    The forum ...
  4. Daily Blog #1

    I'll do these. Yeah.

    Today was ok.

    I realized I stopped wanting to fit in with my irl friends and I dislike them again. I'm never sure if I really want company or to socialize is just a weird way of feeding my ego.

    I'm getting closer and closer with my girlfriend. It's almost as if we're part of each-other's lives and it's become set in stone. I like that.

    I want to write more and more. I love writing.

  5. My First Rap Verse on this Forum :3

    Hey, I'm the new guy and you know nothing about me.
    My whole life is a mystery.
    You all think you're the top dog?
    Go back home and suck Bieber's log.
    I see a lot of you are My Little Pony fans!
    You guys aren't even fucking close to a man.
    I have one more thing before I end the battle, pow!
    Fuck you all, I'm in charge now!