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  1. Song of the Day Thing #82

    Okay, so I first heard this song in an episode of the TV show House, which my mother used to watch all the time. This was back a while ago, I guess around 2011 if Wikipedia is telling the truth, and apparently the version I heard was actually Peter Gabriel's cover version of it. Still, it stuck with me, at least the concept of a song called "My Body Is A Cage". I had never heard a true alt rock song before, unless Gorillaz counts, and it was something ...
  2. Song a Day or whatever #13

    I have a friend that happens to be a girl, and on two separate occasions she basically infodumped a bunch of songs for me to listen to because I was looking for new music or whatever. Her tastes are a bit more poppy though, so most of the stuff she recommended was pretty much the kind that could potentially breach the pop charts and nothing else. I don't mind that kind, but it's a kind that tends to wear out easily. But hey, I like this one. Coincidentally, it's also one of the least likely ones ...
  3. somg a day

  4. Song of the Day Thing #81

    The same guy who ended up getting me into Sufjan Stevens also introduced me to this band. They're super calming, although as of yet I've only listened to half of one of their albums (this one). This has been my favorite song so far. The vocals are real stand-outs here. They compliment the background music in a way a lot of other songs really can't do. I heavily recommend this Depression Cherry album, at least this first half that I've listened to :P
  5. Song a Day or whatever #12

    Hey, do you know that band that made Chasing Cars? Well, they also made this

    "I don't want to hurt her feelings, but she's a crazy fucked up bitch!" How romantic right? Yep. I don't even know why I like this song so much, it's certainly enjoyable but if I wanted to be objective it's not that special. I guess I find it kind of funny, but shrug. It just feels weird knowing that fucking Snow Patrol made this. Their debut album has a surprising garage ...

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