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  1. Monopoly and Psychology

    Unless you've already seen John Green's new video on vlogbrothers then you might not know of a recent psychology study. Several Monopoly games were set up by psychologists. However the difference in this is that one person out of the players got a huge advantage at the start of the game, for example starting with more money. This led to the people who had the advantage to think that the game is more fair than it actually was and that they deserved that money. Similarly, studies have shown that rich ...
  2. The Placebo Effect

    Before in my "I'm back!" blog entry, I lightly touched on the topic of the placebo effect. Well now for a lesson based around the placebo effect. Let's review.

    The Placebo Effect is most famous for its role in medicine. In the context of medicine, the placebo effect is the effect of expectation. In many tests that test the effectiveness of medication, one of the control groups get a sugar pill. The sugar pill is medically useless, however, some people who took the sugar ...
  3. I'm Back I Guess, So what happened?

    I guess i'm sort of back. I left because I lost interest in ERB for the most part and none of the battles that were announced interest me except Poe Vs King. I didn't like the new battle too much (Probably because I donít like either show but idk). I still donít have that much of an interest in it though. I also left because I was going through depression. That still hasn't really gone away, but itís kind of better. I wont go into much details about it right now. I also left because I went to another ...
  4. 100% PROOF that Ridley is CONFIRMED FOR SMASH.

  5. Why Would You Post Something Like That? #4 - All Twitter Edition!


    You're a dumbass and you cant do math but aight. Math is way too hard for you apparently seeing as my 7 year old niece probably knows it better than you do.

    I KNOW RIGHT?! My file's pet is a teacher and i am willing to bed most of your teachers are Pet of
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