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  1. How Can I Improve?

    First and foremost, please let's try and keep this honest and mature, no joking around, please?

    Secondly, please don't take this as me being in denial or disagreeing with the election. Far from it, I'm still incredibly happy with who was picked and as you've seen, ecstatic even. I just like to "seize the day" as they say, and this seems like a good point to see how I am viewed on the forum.

    From what I can gather, my performance wasn't the issue; my debating ...
  2. Merry Christmas/Chanukah/Whatever you celebrate everybody!!!

  3. So You Know-a 'bout Klonoa - Post #4

    I think every other day is good enough.

    So much stuff to read! AFABR, Disney BR, ERB BR, everything! And with Mooncat (who imo still has an adorable name) making a new RP, I hope this activity never ends! ...I also hope this new RP lasts, too.

    Did you know? Every two minutes... an RP dies of abandonment. For just 50 units of money in whatever currency you use, you could save an RP. ...I'll take the money.

    Can't wait to finally end Help Me! You know, I sometimes ...
  4. Daily Blog #7

    Let's pretend it's daily.

    I hate Christmas. I fucking despise it. It's like, one week of throwing money away and working yourself to the grave to be happy two days. My mother's always sick this time of year, because she works hard. Everything is tense. I hate it.

    I'm happy with what's going on in the forum tho. Pretty active, and I love all the new BRs and Games.

    Let's do something for this blog.

  5. So You Know-a 'bout Klonoa - Post #3

    Yes! We can finally move on to the last chapter in Help Me: Cryonic, Chapter 5! I'll type that up whenever I have time, which may or may not be soon.

    Also! I managed to switch up the lyrics of a Christmas song, and this one's a real kicker. Really, I like it.

    Anything new happen with me? Well, not really. I'm liking the new activity the forum has, especially with all these BRs and with Polar making "Help Me: Sam". That got a real laugh out of me.