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  1. Epic Rap Battles of Forumers Suggestions & an Update

    The Epic Rap Battles of forumers has not happened for a while...and if you noticed...sunkist has not helped since PolarBore Vs Froggy. It's just been me and Clemi for the last few battles (I even wrote WWEFan Vs D3ath on my own and that one was just....meh). The main problem is Clemi lives in a different timezone so when it is 2PM here it is like 3AM there so we aren't on skype at the same time very often. However...we aren't canceling anything at all. We still plan to finish season 1 and do season ...

    Updated 06-02-2013 at 11:28 AM by Umbreon

  2. Suggestion Blog

    Here you can give me suggestions for any of my series.

    My FMERBs (must be from a comment on an ERB)
    The Pokemon Rap Battles
    My DRFH
    My Reviews
    Game Raps
    Pokemon Shows (Pokedex Pick, Pokemon Center, Lance's Dragons)
  3. The Walking Dead Forum Edition

    Hai dere, I got a cool game going on in the forums, check it out and sign up!
  4. Blogging and Sh*t

    So, I figured I would do this now, I would have done it before it was cool, but then it wouldn't have been cool.

    Well, um, here goes, I guess.

    So today, I went on a little cookout, if you will, at a local park with mah family.

    It was rather drab in itself, we ate hotdogs and deviled eggs, and then ribs, which resulted in an unusual messy meal for me. A pair of cops were there for a short time, enforcing leash law or something, I caught a glimpse of one ...
  5. Rap Battles

    Sweet! Now that everyone has a blog, we have a new way to post fan made ERB! :D