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  1. Song a Day or whatever #49

    Kind of surprised I didn't choose to cover these guys sooner. Well, here I am I suppose. Since I already reviewed this band before I guess I'll look at one of their songs that I didn't really mention in the review. Like this one :3

    Damn I love this album. Such great singing, really good lyrics, and certainly does a good job distinguishing itself from other indie folk musically. As for this song specifically, only like half of it has singing, but the relatively ...
  2. Song a Day or whatever #48

    Welp, today's the day where I accept the fact that Bernie's not going to win the primary unless Hillary gets indicted. Fun times, fun times.

    Well, I dedicate this to you Berno's campaign

    Sufjan is just too fucking good I swear
  3. Song a Day or whatever #47

    I don't feel like writing much about this one either but... This is certainly a good album

  4. Teacher Appreciation Week (April 25th - April 29th)

    I don't know about the rest of you guys, but in my school district it's Teacher Appreciation Week. It's not a holiday or anything, it's just recognizing the hard work that the teachers do to help their students learn and grow. While not every teacher is a great teacher or even a good teacher, remember to show your appreciation to the good teachers. And even if it's not Teacher Appreciation Week where you are, still show your teachers that they mean something to you
  5. Song Dump - April 24, 2016

    Here are all the songs I've been listening to since Song of the Day ended. I'mma spoiler them all just to be safe.


    This one has really good lyrics, although the music is whatever. Probably the best thing in the top 10 right now. There's an acoustic version or something but I haven't listened to it yet.


    My DJ friend showed this one to me. I'm kind of addicted