• Epic Rap Battles of History #37 - Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso

    Today, Monday November 18th, NicePeter and EpicLLOYD along with the entire ERB crew released a battle between "The Joy of Painting" host, and ex-United States Air Force member Bob Ross, vs renowned Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso.

    NicePeter as Bob Ross.
    EpicLLOYD as Pablo Picasso.

    This was the first time there were actual artists in a battle. We have had many musicians and other types of artists before, but not painters. This is also the first time a Spanish character has been used in an ERB.

    We had some hints leading up to this battle to help figure it out, here they were:

    1. This is apparently a suggestion that they've ''seen a lot lately''.
    2. ''A battle of styles.''-Dante. Picasso and Ross have different art styles.
    3. ''1 advocates theft The other is 1''-Dante. Bob Ross studied the techniques of a German painter named Bill Alexander who hosted a show called The Magic World of Oil Painting, which Ross basically copied into his own American show, The Joy of Painting. Pablo Picasso is often credited for saying ''Good artists borrow, great artists steal''.
    4. ''Silly Sally would invite them both to her picnic.''-Dante. (Robert Ross vs Pablo Picasso)
    5. ''They 'battle' with hair and their hairstyle (or lack of) is a defining feature for both rappers.''-Dante. Paintbrushes have hair on them. Bob Ross is known for his crazy hair and Pablo Picasso has a ''lack of'' hair.


    Here is the battle. It's 2:06 long.

    The Behind The Scenes is not out yet on YouTube, but here is the link to it on the ERB website.

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