• Newest ERB Release: Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali

    Today, a day late (Well, technically it was still Monday in California), on Tuesday, December 3rd, the newest installment of the Epic Rap Battles of History pitted 6 time NBA Champion Michael Jordan against former boxing world champion and "Sportsman of the century", Muhammad Ali. The battle featured Key and Peele, two sketch comedy comedians, as Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali, respectively.

    Keegan-Michael Key as Michael Jordan
    Jordan Peele as Muhammad Ali

    Instead of giving out hints towards this battle, it was spoiled early on twitter, similarly to the first time Key and Peele appeared in an ERB, Martin Luther King, Jr. vs Mahatma Gandhi.
    Quote Originally Posted by Keegan-Michael Key @KeeganMKey
    Quote Originally Posted by Damon Donaldson ‏@damedonaldson
    @KeeganMKey Are you going to do another ERB? Gandhi vs MLK Jr was one of their best!
    @damedonaldson We do! We have a new one coming out after Thanksgiving. Muhammad Ali versus Michael Jordan
    The battle can be found here, and is 2:36 long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_uO...eature=mh_lolz

    There is yet to be a Behind the Scenes video on Youtube or the official ERB website.

    Credit to Polar for making this article.
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      woooo great article I love Epic Rap Battles!!