• Superman vs. Goku?

    One of the most popular ideas on any ERB video is Superman vs. Goku, two of Earth's heroes born to dying races and sent to Earth, one from the West and one from the East. The difference between this suggestion and other popular suggestions like Pewdiepie vs. Tobuscus is that Peter and Lloyd actually have considered this one. For quite a while actually.

    ''Superman vs. Goku is one of the most popular suggestions. That was something we never, ever considered, because I didn't know who Goku was. But that's something now we're looking at as a real possibility, because it's the most popular fan suggestion. We have to at least consider it.''-Peter at Vidcon 2013

    However, as is with many popular suggestions, there are lots of people opposed to the idea.

    The main reasons against the suggestion that people give are that Superman deserves a better opponent and that there isn't any history. Peter said that while ERB's last storm focused on ''deep history'', the next storm would be more ''kickass'' and would feature some very popular suggestions. A few days later, he tweeted this.

    It's clear that no one knows if Superman vs. Goku is going to happen, but if it does happen, it's going to happen soon. What are your opinions on the Superman vs. Goku match-up? Let us know in the comments below.
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    1. BBGUN's Avatar
      BBGUN -
      Always thought it would be a $eason finale
    1. Poles's Avatar
      Poles -
      This is the only suggestion for a Fictional vs Fictional battle that I like.
    1. Dion's Avatar
      Dion -
      Already seen a death battle, don't wanna see a rap battle.