• ERB Announcement & Hints

    Nice Peter published towards the end of January, a song answering fan questions (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epInetvjmlw)

    While it was mostly about random things, it did also pertain to ERB:
    Peter revealed at the end of the segment he felt he was rushing ERB, therefore would take more time on the lyrics and editing before publishing it, and would publish the video after the actual song.

    So after a while, Peter and LLoyd eventually let it be known that they had finalized the ideas for the next 6 ERBS to end the season, but they didn't reveal what they were.

    Due to this, there has been much speculation.

    NP answered some questions on Reddit and Facebook that gave us some hints. Here are some examples:
    Peter sent a smiley face message at someone who suggested "Stephen King vs Edgar Allen Poe"
    there are plenty of them, and you can find them all at President Sambama's Tumblr Page (HeroSamuel)

    But then, Nice Peter released on his second channel a hints video for ERB (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hezZXvyiGEY)

    This revealed that he would almost certainly be including Confucius, Goku (a very popular well known suggestion is for him to face Superman), and Walter White.

    He also asked the following on his official twitter page @NicePeter

    "Jimi Hendrix vs ?"

    "Isaac Newton vs ?"

    "George Washington vs?"

    This, along with the hints video, NP's responses on Facebook and Reddit, and popular suggestions leave many believing different things about the coming storm

    What do you think? Is there something I'm missing? Lets discuss~

    Credit goes to Dr. Facilier for making this article.
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      Moonjik -
      3/10 needs more boobs
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      Uprising -
      therefor would take more tim

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      WendyDianeMiller -
      Oh please baby Jesus, let it be G. Washington vs Lizzie Borden (with a special appearance by Paul Bunyon). Amen.