• News About Season 3's Return, also "Weird Al" Yankovic as Sir Isaac Newton!

    Well thanks to the amazing-ness of the Monday Show, there have been HUGE updates concerning the last six rap battles of Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.

    In the latest Monday Show on February 24th -

    Nicepeter said addressing the coming of the next storm “it is looking like the first one is coming out on May 5th.” This means we have got around 2 months to wait. Just stay patient though fans because Nicepeter and EpicLLOYD, along with the whole ERB crew are doing their best to make sure the last 6 battles are the best they can be.

    Also on the Monday Show from February 17th -

    Nicepeter has essentially confirmed “Weird Al” Yankovic to portray the legendary Sir Isaac Newton (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Newton) in one of the upcoming ERB’s that will finish off Season 3.

    At three minutes and six seconds into the video Nicepeter states, “There is a possibility that we may be doing an Epic Rap Battle of History, with a man named Weird Al.” He goes on to say “If you could see Weird Al in a rap battle, if you could, and he happened to maybe play Isaac Newton, who would you put Isaac Newton up against in a rap battle?” Nicepeter went on to say that he does not want any suggestions of Newton facing the Big Bang Theory’s character Sheldon Cooper (Sorry guys!)

    Now the idea of having “Weird Al” Yankovic guest star has been wanted a whole lot, Nicepeter has definitely seen and replied to several suggestions asking for Al to be in ERB. (Most of which were to our forum’s very own, AccordionChick) Go ahead and check out some of Al’s very own rap songs if you haven’t heard his rap skills. (Note: Chamillionaire even enjoys Al’s rapping on “White & Nerdy”)


    So I suppose we can just anticipate how EPIC the rest of season 3 really will be. Thanks for reading this news update!
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    1. Milox's Avatar
      Milox -
      Im not sure what is greater: That his Alness will be in Epic Rap Battles of History, or that Sheldon Cooper will not.
    1. ERBoH's Avatar
      ERBoH -
      Brilliant article AC!
      I can't wait to see Weird Al's battle, it'll be epic for sure