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    Walter White vs Rick Grimes preview released!

    We're pretty far into the ERB schedule at the moment, and so far we've gotten hints to a ton of battles, including Superman vs Goku, Socrates vs. Confucius and battles featuring guest stars Weird Al (confirmed to play Isaac Newton) Smosh, Rhett, Link and Watsky. But as for the first battle of the season, all evidence seems to pile up in favor of Walter White, the main protagonist and sometimes antagonist of the recently concluded critical hit TV show "Breaking Bad", going up against Rick Grimes, the main protagonist of the massive popular show "The Walking Dead".

    The first mention of Breaking Bad in an ERB came from an AMA, in which Peter seemed skeptical of the idea.

    In the same AMA, Peter seemed slightly skeptical about Rick Grimes, but you could tell it was seriously going through his mind.

    It wasn't until a few months later that we heard another word about Breaking Bad in an ERB. At this point, it seemed like Lloyd had started to successfully convince Peter to include Walter White in an ERB.

    He also directly responded to the match-up of Walter White and Scarface.

    On February 3rd, the ERB crew got into the process of selecting match-ups for ERB. Eventually, this was asked.

    This was the first time where Grimes vs. White was mentioned to the public. Time goes on, and eventually we got complete confirmation of Walter White in an ERB.

    A bit later, we got direct confirmation of Rick Grimes.

    When the time came to shoot the first battle, these pictures were posted on instagram.

    Eventually on a Monday Show, we got this.
    If you have bad ears and need help, like me, it seems like you can make out ''....kill walkers better than you....'' in a Walter White voice.

    The connection may seem bland at first, but if you give it a bit of a closer look, you can see that there's more to it than meets the eye. Like it or not, though, it is happening, and I always have faith that ERB can turn any suggestion into an enjoyable battle.
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    1. Dion's Avatar
      Dion -
      Nice post.
    1. BBC7's Avatar
      BBC7 -
      Tony Montana and Bear Grylls are going to have to find new people.
    1. Clemi's Avatar
      Clemi -
      Quote Originally Posted by BBC7 View Post
      Tony Montana and Bear Grylls are going to have to find new people.
      Bear Grylls VS Mac Gyver grew on my mind with that battle.
    1. Spars's Avatar
      Spars -
      I thought Grylls was always going to go against Teddy if they ever decide to put him in a battle instead of just being the news guy.