• Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe Coming June 2nd

    The next ERB coming out on June 2nd is Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe!
    The official thumbnail artwork is now available!

    Hints that lead to this battle:

    Nice Peter tweeted on April 19th, hinting toward Stephen King:
    Quote Originally Posted by @nicepeter
    Long day. New erb song with @gwatsky and @zachsherwin is finished, filming tomorrow. Itís fit for a king.
    Zach Sherwin (MC Mr. Napkins) was shown on Instagram getting ready to shoot and ERB with a haircut similar to Stephen King.

    George Watsky was shown on Instagram with a bald cap, likely because Edgar Allan Poe's hairline is further back.

    George Watsky revealed in a YouTube video that he finished making a new ERB, and that he was playing a poet.

    Nice Peter winked at a YouTube comment suggesting Edgar Allan Poe vs Stephen King.

    Dante (@GivesMeMotion) of the ERB crew tweeted on May 24th a hint to the next ERB. The "walks a colorful distance" line refers to Green Mile by Stephen King.
    Quote Originally Posted by @GivesMeMotion
    Though both are dark, one MC walks a colorful distance. RT @CanadionVA could we have a hint at the next battle of @ERBofHistory please? #ERB
    Discuss Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe on the forums. Check back soon for a sneak preview to the battle!
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      Dr. Stein -
      I'm really excited for this one :D