• July 3rd - Elders React to Epic Rap Battles of History

    The Fine Bros. have released another episode of their "Elders React" series. The subject for this one is Epic Rap Battles of HistoryThe elders were shown George Washington vs. William Wallace, Martin Luther King, Jr. vs. Gandhi and Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler. According to the elders, George Washington won 5-4, Martin Luther King, Jr. tied with Gandhi 4.5-4.5 and they unanimously agreed that Darth Vader won, with an exception of one woman named Mary, who seemed very guilty about supporting Hitler.
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    I hate saying that he won anything, but Adolf.
    Most of them seemed to like it a lot, but two men in particular, named Richard and Bill, seemed to hate the show.
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    I hate to tell ya, they're just both losers. Disgusting. *laughs*
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    It rhymes! That seems to be more important to the young generation than actually making sense.
    Despite the positive reaction, they seemed surprised when they were told that ERB was the most popular show on the internet.
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    That surprises me!
    They had some interesting responses when asked why they thought it was so popular.
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    Well, they pick good subjects. Subjects were great.
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    It's really sarcastic, and you do take a nice, big, bubbling figure and you make him into mincemeat!
    They seemed pretty split on whether the show was actually educational or not.
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    I love history now, I sure didn't like it at school, 'cause it's boring! Here, you're actually getting some of it, but in a fun way!
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    As a former teacher, I don't think it's that educational, but you know, if it would help someone look it up, that would work.
    Overall, they seemed to like the show for the most part, despite their issues with the profanity. Check it out here:
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      Katz -
      Bill was really annoying >-<