• FMERB Showcase #1 (July 11)

    Hey guys! I figured we should showcase some of the fanmade rap battles every two weeks, so I'm going to start writing articles about them, both plain written ones, ones with video, and off-forum ones! Please check them out, give them some constructive criticism, etc. There's a lot of unnoticed talent in the FMERB sections.

    Charlemagne vs Elizabeth the First, by WWEFan.

    Jynx vs Mr. Mime, by PHoENIX and Justin Buckner, featuring AccordionChick and Mat4yo.

    Marshall Mathers vs Slim Shady, by ERBParodies (WoodenHornets, Justin Buckner, Nathan Provost)

    Queen Elsa vs Sub-Zero, by MaNCHA, Zombielicker, AccordionChick, and Milotic, featuring Mat4yo's girlfriend and B-Lo Lorbes

    Spiderman vs Captain Jack Sparrow, by Mat4yo

    Ronald McDonald vs Richard Simmons, by RBM (Text Only)

    Winston Smith vs Guy Montag, by Lohuydahutt (Text Only)

    John F. Kennedy vs Julius Caesar, by WardenOfTheNorth (Text Only)

    Willy Wonka vs Katy Perry, by Cool-the-Renegade (Text Only)

    Chibi Robo vs ROB, by ZoroarkPKMN (Text Only)

    That's all for now, guys! See you in August with another FMERB showcase! Sorry if I missed your series, I'll try to get it in next time! In the meanwhile, check out everyone's battles, even if I don't have them here, and give them some love. Thanks!
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    1. Red's Avatar
      Red -
      And coming soon... my own series... TDR...
    1. Clemi's Avatar
      Clemi -
      Same c:
      I forgot to see the new ERBP.. Dat flow owo
    1. @Dumbledore's Avatar
      @Dumbledore -
      My series will blow your mind. Any one of my rap battles will do.