• Featured Fics!

    Hello! I'm Yellownerd and I'll be featuring some famous Fics, Original or Fan Fiction, From Old to New, From Famous to the Unnoticed, Let's start!

    First of We have, Devon Vil's Social Experiment, It's a story about how Milo Dent agreed to be in a psychological experiment by Devon Vil, The Story has twists that you would of never expected! I hope he writes more episodes in the future!

    Next up, Escapement, This is a story about a man named Billy Mcfly, I don't wanna spoil anything so you should read it! It's a great story and was written fantastically.

    And next we have, The beginning of my fantasy novel As the title said, It's a Fantasy Novel, It's a great read to be honest, It's well written and has a fantastic story, read it to find out!

    Next is AccordionChick's Music/Poetry/Writing, AccordionChick's a pretty great Writer! Check out some of her works! It's worth it!

    Up next is Jirachibi's Music, Again, One of the most talented people in the forum, His works are absolutely fantastic, You can tell emotion was put in them, I highly recommend you go and read his works!

    The Daily Life of a Working Boy!, This is an Original Story, I made it myself, It's a story about a boy and his friends going on a Trip in Japan during their summer break, There's a lot of info about Japan and if you want to learn and have fun, I suggest you read it!

    And We move on to the Fanfics! Let's start with

    SPAMBOT: The Battle for Erbohnia This is honestly one of the best Fanfics i have ever read, The way it was written was superb, The story is nice and everything just fits so well in place, I HIGHLY suggest you go read it!

    Next is The Countries of ERBoH This was a great fanfic, It was a great read, It was a story about Erboh.com and the groups it had back then.

    And next up is ERBoH Countries: Fallout, A Spinoff By Gunnut This is a spin-off of an original series made by Yackerz, It's equally as amazing and was greatly written, Check it out!

    And we have The Paradox, This is a Fanfic made by me, It's story is about when people get super powers and what happens if the Erboh Forumers get powers and what they do with it.

    and up next, Life of a superhero, If you liked Paradox, you should definitely read this as well, It has Superheroes in it as well, It just started but you could tell it's gonna be great!

    Next is, Roll To Dodge : The Comic Book This is a drawn story about the roll to dodge game that happened in Erboh.com, It's funny and cool to read, check it out if you have time!

    Forum Fan Fictions, I made this thread for the romantic side of Erboh.com, It has a few stories in it, I recommend to read it if you like heart warming stories

    and I saved the best Fanfic for the last,

    An ERBoH.com Story This has been one of my personal favourites, It was written with finesse and technique, It's great, It's awesome, and it's just so orgasmic that every member should read it, Highly, highly recommended to check it out! It's addictive! Go ahead! Read on!

    And That's It for this Month's Featured Fics! Stay tune next time!
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    1. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
      GonadTheNomad -
      'Was greatly written'

      I didn't even finish it bro.
    1. YellowNerd's Avatar
      YellowNerd -
      Then fuckin finish it
    1. Jeryuurd's Avatar
      Jeryuurd -
      Let's start with Devon Vil's Social Experiment: a story about how Milo Dent agreed to be in a psychological experiment by Devon Vil; the twists will surprise you as he continues writing more best essay writing service in usa episodes of this fan fiction series. Next up is Escapement - an exciting tale told through Billy Mcfly that was written fantastically well for all readers who enjoy suspenseful stories or novels such as The Black Gasset Caper (a mystery novel).