• December 8th: Oprah vs. Ellen

    ERB gives the ladies a turn in the newest Epic Rap Battle, with special guest stars Lauren Flans as Ellen DeGeneres and November Christine as Oprah Winfrey, including cameos from Atul Singh as Stedman Graham and EpicLLOYD as Dr. Phil.

    Lauren Flans announced to fans that she would be in an ERB on Twitter about a month ago. Most people guessed JK Rowling vs. Jane Austen due to Peter's previously expressed satisfaction with that suggestion. Many fans were not pleased with that match-up for various reasons.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spartica4Real
    I don't really want Austen vs Rowling but I'll accept it if it happens. I'd rather something that's interesting to me because I'm selfish with ERB ideas.
    Quote Originally Posted by LazyAwesomeNinja
    I don't despise the idea, but there are better authors I'd rather see (Mark Twain for one) and other women I'd rather see (Amelia Earhart, Lara Croft as two I want) before seeing these two. And it feels somewhat repetitive since we had an author battle earlier this year. But I'm sure I'll like it regardless. I'm still holding out hope that it's not JK vs Austen.
    Reaction to the true match-up, Ellen vs. Oprah, was more positive.
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    Lol, my mom will love this one. Seriously, I'm happy two powerful women are getting a chance to rap. This is a nice surprise.
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    Not disappointed. Surprising, that's for sure. Holy shit.

    still want katniss vs elsa

    With the battle released, many are sending this battle to Ellen on social media in hopes of having it featured on her show. Watch the video down below, and if you'd like to see it featured on The Ellen Show, send her a tweet @TheEllenShow.