• July 20th: Shaka Zulu vs Julius Caesar

    In season 4's penultimate battle, ERB brings in recurring guest star Destorm to play African warlord Shaka Zulu in a battle against Roman conqueror Julius Caesar, with some background cinematic cameos from EpicLLOYD and Vine star Klarity.

    Julius Caesar, being the historical giant that he is, was always considered by Nice Peter to be an inevitable choice for a rap battle someday. He'd responded favorably to suggestions that pitted him against General Custer, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, and even Howard Stern at one point. It was on the ERB wiki that he first expressed interest in having him go against Shaka Zulu.

    Some forumers weren't extremely fond of the match-up due to Shaka Zulu's status as a lesser known historical figure, while others were excited for another deep history battle.

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    Heh I learned about Shaka Zulu a long time ago, it's been forever though. The ERB should be a good way to test my memory.
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    It's great that ERB is acknowledging more figures from all over the world, considering how incredibly western and eurocentric their "battles of history" has been.
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    I'm a bit more into Caesar vs. Shaka than I was at first. Everyone freaking knows who Caesar is, so he's a good counterbalance for Shaka. I'd still prefer Patton vs. Shaka though, since I'd prefer Shaka vs. someone a little more recent.
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    Caesar seems like he'll be a good opponent for Shaka Zulu. I always used to rant about how they still hadn't used Caesar so this will finally appease one of my greatest problems with the show.
    Check it out here: