• December 4th: ERBoH Moderator Elections

    Well, this is a bit different from the norm, huh?

    I am posting this article to ask all of you, yes, all, to vote for moderator today.

    There are four candidates, and two of them will be promoted to a Super Moderator. This is kind of a big deal.

    Here's the thread where you can read all about what these guys did as temporary moderators, and try to form an opinion about how well they'd do as permanent moderators. You do not need to know any of these people to form an opinion on them, as just about everything that matters in this vote is in the topic. http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthrea...ator-ELECTIONS!

    How to set up your vote is explained in this post: http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthrea...l=1#post416384

    Please, try to get the time to check this out. It would be really helpful for the forum.

    Have a nice day, readers!