• June 29th: Bruce Banner vs Bruce Jenner

    In perhaps the most topical battle ERB has done this season, two tranforming Bruces go at each other as they change form from one verse to the next. The new battle features guest stars Mike O'Hearn as Hulk and transgender battle rapper NoShame as Caitlyn Jenner.

    EpicLLOYD as Bruce Banner transforming into The Hulk

    The Hulk has been a commonly suggested character for ERB, usually against Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The ERB team opted for a more culturally significant and relevant match-up instead.

    "IMO the Jenner matchup is more clever, current, and historical," says Dante "Give Me Motion", writer and actor for Nikola Tesla back in season 2, "Jekyll would have been fun, but when you have a voice, use it."

    NoShame as Caitlyn Jenner and Mike O'Hearn as The Hulk

    Check the battle out for yourself here: