• Season 6 - When Will ERB Return?

    Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd released a cut-throat rap battle venting their internal issues with each other. Showing the real battles behind the scenes are personal.

    If you haven't seen the last episode yet, make sure you watch the season 5 finale to see what we mean:

    But does that mean the series is over?
    Let's take a look at an interview quote from Lloyd
    Ahlquist, "About the popularity of Epic Rap Battles its awesome to be recognized from that. But I wanted to see what else I can do and where else I can go.
    Lloyd has tried branching out from ERB, not to find more success, but just projects that are more fun, where he has more control over creative direction.

    Nice Peter seems to be focusing more on his personal life - as he hasn't been as active on social media or his channels. However, the duo have been touring together doing live Epic Rap Battle concerts.

    But the big questions are: Will they return to create new Epic Rap Battles after the tour? When will the series return for season 6? Will both Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd still create them together?

    We expect the series to come back for it's 6th season, but not right after the tour. The two will likely take some time for themselves. The first step towards new ERBs will likely be Nice Peter creating content on his own channel, which will likely be sometime later next year.
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    1. Brad's Avatar
      Brad -
      I hope it comes back soon man...
    1. Hound's Avatar
      Hound -
      please don't be next year
    1. NukeL3AR's Avatar
      NukeL3AR -
      I hope they start soon, this site is dying
    1. Frizzzke's Avatar
      Frizzzke -
      i think new season must to come 26 december...
    1. Betsyates's Avatar
      Betsyates -
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