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  1. Do you guys have one of those drink machines with like, hundreds of different options for drinks? I love those man! They don't have many restaurants with those machines around here, basically just a Zaxby's an hour and a half away. We used to have a close-ish Fazzoli's but it got shut down. I never heard why, it always seemed healthy and did good business from what I hear. It had one of those cool drink machines too, I always loved experimenting with the different flavors even though a lot of them didn't exactly taste very good, it was still a fun experience. I'm lactose intolerant so I never went to Fazzoli's too much but I always found something else to eat that wouldn't make me sick (and I've got a pretty strong stomach besides) and man, did I love that drink machine. One time I really held up the drink machine line hahah, I just HAD to try as many different flavors as I could! The temptation was too strong, I jus
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