The First Blog Post Ever

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Well, at this point, i've just found the blog system.

I know the forums are just getting started and all, but it's not necessarily the most pleasant experience when navigating the forums.

My birthday is on Sunday, my party is tomorrow, so I probably won't be on much then. Then Monday through Wednesday is semester finals, so I may not be on a lot then either.

Today my high school had a "party" for the end of the year, which consisted of most things you would normally find inside of a circus. I think our administrators and principals are really out of touch with what people in high school actually want.

Oh, and they called it "Goodstock", like Woodstock but named after the OLD HIGH SCHOOL THAT ISN'T EVEN USED ANYMORE.

So yeah, this is probably going to be an occasional update of what's going on in my life and such things. Usually nothing too important, but we'll see how things go once the update is completely completed.

Until next time, i'm Uprising, and don't do drugs.


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