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I really like this vBulletin thing because there are so many new features! The only thing that I really think needs working on is the design of the site, but I understand that it just changed, so it might be like this for a bit. I like the idea of articles, yet I still don't know how that will be used. I love the settings pages because there's so much you can control! And of course the blog feature is quite nice. I don't know if I'll continue using it or not.

On another note, I noticed something strange when I was looking at the list of all the attachments I've ever attached. On this post:

there were two attachments of this:

If anyone knows what that's about, please tell me.

School's out on June 6th, so I'll be on a little bit more until camp starts on June 16th. I'll be in England from July 4th to July 13th, so little to no posting then. I think that's all.