So I just got back from watching Interstellar

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...and that's not what this blog post is about. It's a great movie and I might do a full review of it sometime.

Anyway, I had just gotten settled into my seat when a familiar face turned up - my ex-girlfriend.

yes, I had a girlfriend, it's true.

And it got even more awkward when I found out that our seats were right next to each other. I pretended not to see her but my friend thiught it would be funny to call her attention over to us. He also refused to switch seats with me so I had to sit next to her. During the course of the movie she accidentally began leaning on me and then quickly snapped back up, and our hands touched when reaching for popcorn. All in all, it was awkward as shit and we never exchanged two words.

the thing that hurt the most however was the fact that she was with a ginger.


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