Next year's 31 days

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Hey guys. I've officially decided to do a 31 days of Halloween next year. It's theme will be Five Nights a Freddy's. I want to make this more interactive than this last year (i.e. with the singing busts) so if you would like to be in this year post here what your top three favorite animals are. I say top 3 in case there are conflicting choices though I will try to make it work. Thank you.


  1. Umbreon's Avatar
    3 Favorite Animals?


    1.) Bat
    2.) Wolf
    3.) Lizard
  2. Rocket's Avatar
    good luck, but there's a chance FNAF will be irrelevant by next year, if people just forget about it or if they try and milk the shit out of it, but who knows?
  3. YellowNerd's Avatar
    you realize it's only 2 months before next year man, there's a chance for a 3rd part of Fnaf
  4. Rocket's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by YellowNerd
    you realize it's only 2 months before next year man, there's a chance for a 3rd part of Fnaf
    yeah I know that, but there is a possibility:

    It doesn't come out and people forget about it

    It does come out and it's not as good

    It does come out and people get bored with it/forget about it

    Any of those could happen before October next year. It could go from hero back to zero easily in the space of 11 months.
  5. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    3. Cassowary
    2. Cat :3
    1. Honey badger
  6. Clemi's Avatar
    1) Cat
    2) Llamas
    3) Honey Badgers all the way yo
  7. Noremac2100's Avatar
    Irrealvant by next year or not I'm still doing it. I just want a head start so I don't cram to do it in October 2015. Either way it will be really cool if what I have planned works well
  8. YellowNerd's Avatar
    A tortoise, a bear and an Elk
  9. BrineBlade's Avatar
    1. T-rex
    2. Snake
    3. Kitten
  10. Dr. Stein's Avatar
    1. Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
    2. Sharks
    3. Zoboomafoo