A day in the life of Spars

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So today I went to sleep at 5 am. Yeah, I didn't sleep yesterday so I slept at 5 am.

I woke up at 6 am, one hour of sleep is bad mmkay.

I did some Chemistry work, like, a METRIC shit ton. WuHAH WuHAH WuHAH

I watched some Anthony Davis highlights. 95% of you won't know who that is, but he's awesome.

I got on the forum, it was like 11 and there was hardly anyone on and the Zeus vs Thor thread hadn't been updated, so I thought it wasn't up. Checked TuneCore anyways, AND THERE WAS THE WORST COVER EVER! I was the first one to find it yeyyyyy.

Decided to play some Call of Duty, because why not. CoD is pretty fun time to time. I decided to go shoot some hoops, despite my better judgement considering I'm sick.

Speaking of sick, I took some medicine. Yeah.

Then afterwards I got online, after a little while I went AFK to take a shower. Came back and Polar was online. =DDDDDD

Talked to poles for a while and simultaneously multi-tasked to the XTREMEEEE. Checked Twitter, kept up with some basketball news, did some more work, and watched Law & Order: SVU re-runs. Now here I am writing this blog.

I only did this to be a combo breaker to Gunnut's blogs. Today was pretty boring.


  1. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    because umby didnt have a similar monopoly on blogging

    spars pls give me your babies
  2. Rocket's Avatar
    but everyone knows if you wake up at 4pm you find some kava in your cup