The OG American Gangsta: Life Story of Alexander Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton, best known as the guy who you learned about in US History class and then promptly forgot about after your history finals. But what you might not have learned about this famous American politician and intellectual is his real life of being "gangsta"... dawg.

He was born on January 11th 1755 or 1757 (most historians today support the 1755 date) in the British West Indies. He was born a bastard (parents weren't married when he was born) and born poor. By the age of around 13 years, his mother died leaving him effectively orphaned. He was adopted by a cousin in his family, but only for shortly as the cousin committed suicide, leaving him and his brother separated. He was then adopted by a man named Thomas Stevens (believed to be his biological father). Before and during his new adopted life he had worked at an import-export firm in the British West Indies in Nevis and also apprenticed at a local carpenter's.

Fast forward to some time later, Hamilton published an essay which recounted (with much detail) about a hurricane that devastated Christiansted on August 30th, 1772. The essay impressed the community leaders who raised a fund to send Hamilton to the USA (then a colony) for his education. His education was in Elizabethtown in New Jersey and studied for the time between his arrival in 1772 and the American Revolution. He was hailed as a great intellectual and revolutionary who could (according to his friend Robert Troup) clearly state the rights of the people and reasons the patriots have to separate from England.

With his participation in the American Revolution and his intellectual power he was soon launched to Founding Father status as he helped construct the American government, specifically with pushing for the adoption of the Constitution over the Articles of Confederation, and founding the First National Bank of the US. He was political enemies with Thomas Jefferson, but that rivalry is another story.

His death? Any proper way a gangsta should go out: a duel against his personal rival Aaron Burr. Hamilton and Burr absolutely hated each other, so much that in the three way tie in the 1800 presidential election between Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican) and Aaron Burr (Federalist) that Hamilton influenced the vote to go to Jefferson (Hamilton was a Federalist) just so that Burr couldn't be president. This feud, however, ended with the duel between Aaron Burr. Supposedly Hamilton never intended to shoot Burr and didn't want to kill him; Burr did however.

So if you walk away from this lesson with anything, it's this: Hamilton rose from the bottom from his home in the British West Indies to being one of the most influential American Founding Fathers you've never heard of. His face is on the $10 bill even. Next time Drake talks about his rise to fame, Hamilton will be rolling in his grave.


  1. Dion's Avatar
    (Canadian Incoming with Unconfirmed American History)

    So I took American History in high school and this is what my History Teacher taught me about Alexander Hamilton's duel between Aaron Burr. From what I was told, he actually wanted to gain an advantage on Burr by taking his pistol to a smith and manipulating the trigger so that it shot faster than it was originally suppose to. But when it came to the duel, Hamilton didn't realize that the trigger was too sensitive and therefore when he pulled the trigger, it basically shot the ground before he lifted it up (because back then, there was an actual delay for when the bullet would fire out from the pistol).

    I was wondering if that was actually true or if my History teacher was just trying to engross us into his lesson.
  2. LAWLzoR's Avatar
    From what I was told and as historians I've heard of told it, Hamilton never wanted to shoot Burr in the first place. I'm not sure if this is entirely known as, well shoot, he's dead.
  3. Scarletopples's Avatar
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