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Hi, so it's been a while. I decided to sit down at my computer and just write a bit about what's been going on lately. Spring break is coming to an end for me (nooooo) and school is about to make a comeback as the most annoying thing ever.

Grade 12 has been taking a toll on me. First semester was a breeze, this one is a nuke of work (ugh). College starts in September, and I don't know what to expect, but it can't be as bad as school now (can it???).

IRBoC came to an end last month(?) so I've had more time to work on my other series, but it feels like I've been doing the exact opposite. Oh well, what can you do? I'll just keep going along how I am, try to organize my schedule a bit more, and we'll see what happens


  1. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    Good luck with college. :3

    I'm only in 11th but I still kinda dread the idea of doing another 2-4+ years after I graduate. (I, like, only fairly recently came up with something at all resembling a post-high school college plan, so I've been looking forward to graduation more as "yey no more school evar" than "k tiem2college". : p)
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