Rant (Returning woo!) #9: Video Game Communities

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I'm back to doing rants. I remember having so much fun writing the old ones, and y'know what, I've got some steam I'd like to blow off. So here we go.

Around late 2014 (so, uh, recently) I made an effort to get into League of Legends. My first MOBA. League of Legends, from a distance, seemed pretty cool. The only downside was having to pay money to unlock characters but hey, whatever. So I download it and play the tutorial. I do it once or twice and say to myself "Okay, I think I'll try a match in the beginner's servers". So I go the beginner's matches and I enter one. Obviously, it's my first MOBA and I'm new, so I'm not good at the game. Duh.
All of a sudden the chat reads "Hey, ZoroarkPKMN, stop being so bad"
I respond with "it's my first game, sorry if I'm holding you back!"
"Just stay at camp, noob"
Whoooooooaaaaaaaaaa. That escalated quickly.
After the match I quit League of Legends. Haven't touched it since.

I had a friend in freshmen year who plays Smite. He offered to teach me, so I agreed. I was playing this snow guy, I don't know his name. But I'm in the center of the map, and I see one player come down. None of my other teammates are around, so I try to use a strong ranged attack on him (also, I have not been hearing any tutorials from my friend, and he was too impatient to let me play the tutorial). All of a sudden, out of nowhere, from around the corner of a building following the opponent were the other two teammates and they naturally wreck me. I didn't see them coming, honest mistake, also I haven't fucking played this game before.
I say "Sorry, I didn't see them coming"
Boop. Skype closed.
Let's just say over the course of a couple of months I prefer to not have conversations with the guy. Not really because of this incident. He's kind of an all-around dickhead. Believes Bush did 9/11. But anyways...

It's really upsetting to em that some game communities can be this arrogant and unaccepting of new players. I mean, come on, what am I supposed to say? I haven't played this game before, of course I suck. In fact, I haven't played this GENRE before.

But what's enlightening to me is another game community. This one is inviting to play, offering to help you get better, and all-around a bunch of swell people. That's the community of Monster Hunter.
I got into Monster Hunter with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U, I got it Christmas 2013.
I was having trouble getting into it, until I discovered Monster Hunter Clan, a reddit gathering where you can join a TeamSpeak server and have a bunch of fun hanging around with cool guys.
The guys I played with quickly helped me get better and boosted me to G-Rank. I felt invited to play. I felt involved in the game. I'm playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate constantly. And I genuinely enjoy the experience Monster Hunter has given me this past year.

Video game communities really need to be able to embrace newcomers. They should help them, they should teach them, they should be inviting. Just like Monster Hunter's community is. But apparently, some people care more about winning than having fun.
What are you gonna do? That's how the cookie crumbles.

So leave your response in the comments below, and maybe suggest something for me to rant about.


  1. Baldy Jr's Avatar
    You don't have to pay for Champions if you play more games :P

    I don't think you should let other people influence what games you do or don't play. If you enjoyed it, or want to get better at it, just keep going at it! You're more or less doing yourself a bigger disservice by quitting after one game, because that guy is probably still playing, while you aren't.

    That goes for any game really, just keep at it, no one's great even after their first twenty games!
  2. Lancer's Avatar
    And just tbh you probably should have done an Intro match as opposed to a Beginner match.

    People play LoL to win most of the time. Since it's so time-consuming, having a teammate who has never played will perturb people in Beginner+.

    Basically, just never overestimate your skills in a game ever.

    Plus the Smite thing's totally your "friend"'s fault. :P
  3. ZoroarkPKMN's Avatar
    Lol yeah, he's a total dick.
  4. Spars's Avatar
    Game communities can really suck. I was a CoD player for a little over 4 years and it's community was horrible. I'm sure most would expect this, 99% of people are unfriendly and are more interesting in cussing you out nonstop and calling you a noob, doesn't even matter if you're good at the game, still a noob just cause.

    I've since moved on to Destiny as my online game (and only game really) and it let me experience the opposite side of the spectrum. It has a great and friendly community. People are helpful and nice. Raids are the big thing in Destiny, and they are difficult and you have to learn. Most people are very friendly and will help any newcomers to raids. When I decided to try out raids there was a lot of friendly people who helped me learn about them, the mechanics, what to do, etc. And if you're a teenager, you don't get called a "squeaker" by older players. I have a couple of friends I play with who are.. shall I say.. not blessed with a deep voice. Never seen them get made fun of. People are very nice and I love the community.

    There's also a lot of matchmaking websites and the Destiny subreddit filled with tons of people looking to help. A+ community.
  5. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    The thing that's nice about Splinter Cell is that the newest game is so niche that the few players who gave a shit enough to play it on PC were all around not terrible about new players. Unless they were hackers/cheaters of course.

    That said, the few still on the SCCT servers from way back when despise any newfound company.