Never Make A Move Early in The Game

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As many of you know, when it comes to me and a bunch of ppl on the internet, stuff happens. So today I'm gonna give you all advice and how I got hated on ANOTHER wikia.

So it was like a total drama roleplay. There were 7 people in my team, so I created a majority alliance with 4 people. But what I didn't know was that there was another alliance in the game with 2 members from my alliance and 2 members who betrayed me in past seasons of the role play. So the first vote did not go my way. This caused me to almost not care anymore. But I won a challenge and managed to win the immunity idol. So the person that stole my alliance members promised to the BIBLE that they wouldn't vote me out, unless it was for the win. Lets call him Dan. So I wanted to take my alliance back. So I told him to get everyone in the alliance to vote for my so called ally that we can call Paul. So Dan's alliance voted for Paul (I did to) so once the vote almost ended, I switched it to Dan. I played the idol on Paul, causing Dan to be eliminated. This caused everyone in the chat to go crazy, because Dan was really popular. I took my two allies back and I was forced to eliminated Paul, or I would get eliminated. I did, but I got eliminated. So this got me much hate. They also eliminated me first in the next season. But I'm doing good in the season now. So the lesson is...never make a move too early or you'll be haunted.


  1. Rocket's Avatar
    Hopefully you learned from this experience never to care what other people think in stupid shit like that.

    Do whatever the fuck you want in that game and if someone overreacts because a popular guy got voted out of a roleplay then who gives a fuck.

    Play how you want.