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Review of Nintendo's Digital Event 2015

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Well...the Muppets that they did were nice, Reggie's was odd though.

Star Fox Zero: Odd name choice, but damn is it impressive. The walker coming back is a nice touch, and the other vehicles look good too. Dat Landmaster doe. Hoping for multiple paths though.

Developer's Story: Star Fox Zero: Kinda cool, but mostly meh. Although nice hidden control layout explaination there Miyamoto. Makes me think that it's a sequel to Star Fox 64 3D.

Skylanders: SuperCharged Bowser and Donkey Kong amii-landers: Why? Just, why? inb4soldoutatpreorder

Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes: Meh, it honestly seems like a free-to-play game or cheap downloadable game. Basically Four Swords 3

Developer's Story: Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes: Another meh section, didn't need to be put in the Digital Event.

Hyrule Warriors Legends: The Wind Waker remix is cool and the new characters seem to be quite unique (although seriously, who the hell saw the King of Red Lions becoming a playable character anytime soon?). Oh, and Gold Ocarina?

Metroid Prime Federation Force/Blast Ball: OK, why do people hate this game? Yea, right now we don't see Samus as a character, but this could take place when Samus is in the Federation. Either way, this game is awesome and while I figured Blast Ball had something to do with the Prime series, I'm actually quite excited for this game.

Fire Emblem: Fates: Meh, it's stuff we've seen before, and it makes me wonder if there will be a Fire Emblem direct because of...

Persona x Fire Emblem: I know that's not the real title of the game but it should be, and frankly, I'm indifferent to the game, as it also didn't show really anything new other than the fact that the FE characters aren't just the protagonists transformed. I'm curious about the plot though. Oh, and fanservice is piled into this game.

Xenoblade Chronicles X: Not as hyped now as I was before, but it still looks alright.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: meh, we already knew 90% of the game.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival: No, just, no. Fuck the amiibos, fuck amiibo Party, and FUCK THIS GAME! Honestly, why aren't people hating this more?

Developer's Story: Yoshi's Wooly World: Wooly World is cuteness incarnate still, but otherwise meh, no good new info.

Yo-kai Watch: It's Pokemon clone #21, and hopefully it won't get popular in America because Pokemon already has too much competition.

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam: Hell yea! Paper Mario crossed with Mario & Luigi = HYPE TO THE EXTREME! Might get this launch day.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash: ...the hype has left, and this trailer is quite...bland other than showing off the Mega Mushroom

Developer Story: Super Mario Maker: I WANT THIS GAME AND AMIIBO SO BADLY!!! Otherwise, meh.

Let's Super Mario: Meh

Overall: This was a disappointment, Nintendo. No Zelda U, no NX teaser, no smartphone games. Not even really many new games this year. It's just meh, not what Nintendo needs right now.


  1. Lancer's Avatar
    we already had confirmation that there would be no Zelda U or NX before E3 started though so

    also smartphone games suck

    also the Isabelle amiibo is the single best thing in existence because Isabelle is best girl

    personally, I wasn't disappointed at all. New Star Fox, new Metroid (despite spin-off), two new Zeldas (holla I loved four swords), two new animal crossings (despite spin-offs), new Pokemon (despite spin-offs), new Mario RPG...

    we literally had an amazing year no one really realizes it though

    it was just overshadowed by sony b/c FF7