Pictures of Presidents When They Were Younger

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Kid Abe Lincoln:

This one's a painting but hey what canya do

Young Abe Lincoln:

those cheeks and that hair could really use some work

Young Ulysses S. Grant during the Mexican-American War:


Kid Teddy Roosevelt:

just look at him he already knows he's kinda badass

Teenage Teddy Roosevelt:

His hair crawled from the side of his face to above his lip

Young Teddy Roosevelt:

Yaaay he finally has a mustache

Young Howard Taft from Yale:

Don't you just wish you could tell him "start watching your weight now buddy"

Young Warren G. Harding:

Maybe if he had kept that mustache he'd be remembered as an ok president

Kid Calvin Coolidge:

He already looks quiet

Young Herbert Hoover around the time he entered Stanford:

I was hoping he'd look depressed in the pic I found so I could make a Great Depression pun but he looks like he's in an OK mood

Out of image space so I'll do more of these tomorrow I guess


  1. Moonjik's Avatar
    Here's a young Obama -

    Amazing to see how far he's come.
  2. rangernumberx's Avatar
    I was honestly expecting this to end with one of your baby pictures.
  3. Clemi's Avatar
    So basically Abe Lincoln was Bill Nye
  4. Turtlesauce's Avatar
    Teenage teddy was pretty hot
  5. Mike Hat's Avatar
    Adult Teddy was pretty hot too.

    i mean what
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