Pictures of Presidents When They Were Younger #2

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Kid FDR:

Yeaaaaaah so apparently in 1884 boys wore dresses until their first haircut
but damn that's just wow

Young FDR as Assistant Secretary of the Navy:

He has a long face

Young Eleanor Roosevelt:

not a President but still interesting

Kid Harry Truman:

This is the face of a man who will one day drop the first Atomic Bomb and kill thousands

Kid Eisenhower:

Ike as a tyke

A bunch of kid Kennedys (JFK's the one in white on the left that's sitting high up):

He was a spoiled rich kid from what I understand

JFK on his navy patrol boat:

holy shit

Kid LBJ:

southern af

Young LBJ:

He looks pretty straightlaced for a guy who went on to give presidential orders on the toilet


  1. Poles's Avatar
    kid fdr what.

    JFK looks great
    real great
  2. Moonjik's Avatar
    Why is JFK so hot?

    FDR looks like that nerd who got beat up in high school so he contracted polio and he became the US' greatest president, being elected four times with massive majorities and pulling the country out of the great depression, before drop-kicking Germany and Japan even without his legs.

    Truman also looks like he got bullied, no tears #deweyforpresident
  3. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    "Ike as a tyke"

    God dammit Sam.

    Also Truman really looks like adult Truman.

    And FDR is still hilarious.
  4. ArcherSkillen's Avatar
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