Education for the future?

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Hey guys, got another post here. I'll give you guys a critical thinking story soon, but during my vacation I just got a lot of inspiration for my new posts. I don't think this one will be too long, but I just wanted to share this. So you guys might've noticed that I really like education and learning. At the very least, I'm in a phase where I really like education. Why do I like education? Well it's because education is awesome and fantastic! But why is learning so important? You see commercials about these new universities, online colleges, heck you even see the president talking about the importance of education. So if all these people talk about how great the education is, why is education so important?

Well, that question could be an opinion question, I mean some people may think education isn't important at all or isn't as important as other things, and those ideas are all valid, but I'm focusing on why education could be important. I think education is important is because in this day-in-age it gives people the foundation for what they need to survive. Sure, all you need to survive is food, clothes, and shelter, but in the modern age, those don't come free. You need to pay or trade for them. In order to pay for them, you would need a job or an occupation of some sort. While there are plenty of jobs out there that don't require degrees or PhDs, etc. in order to even get the opportunity to get those jobs requires basic mathematics and English (or whatever language your country primarily speaks) knowledge.

But another point that is sitting right in front of you as you read this. Your computer. How could your computer be existent without some form of education of electrical engineering, technology, computer engineering, and all the other fields of knowledge that is required to make and sell computers. Without education how could I be able to have medication whenever I get sick? I'll take this time to remind you that during the 1000s CE (current era) the average life expectancy was no longer than about 30 years. Today, with the advent of medication and other medical theories and technologies, the average life expectancy of the average American is over 70.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking. Without education we would never have weapons, bombs, nuclear missiles, computer viruses, artificial biological viruses, and all those other nasty things that technology and education brought us. All of these things are completely valid reasons to be a bit wary of education. However, let's focus on the nuclear bomb. When I was in history class in my freshman year of high school, my history teacher did a critical thinking exercise near the end of the year. One of the scenarios was if at Normandy (and all the other beaches that were invaded on D-Day) what if there weren't any Nazis, or at the very least not enough to put up a fight? Let's analyze this.

On D-Day the body count was tremendously high, too high to ever do anything like that again. That was one benefit the nuclear bomb brought to the table: little to no human cost for your team. So the nuclear bomb was created to make sure the soldier count wasn't high for the USA. They made the nuclear bomb because they remembered the body count on D-Day and didn't want to go through that again. So, if D-Day wasn't as bad, then the USA would've invaded Japan through soldier power, not nuclear power. But what does this have to do with today? Well because we had the nuclear bombs, later we made the ICBMs. The ICBMs were the model used for the rockets that got humanity into space. So because D-Day was so horrible, we eventually got into space, and even got ourselves nuclear power which has been proved fruitful. Of course having its own pros and cons, but still.

Now don't get me wrong, WWII was horrible and it was a shame it happened. That being said, it did happen, no matter how horrible it was. It happened. Out of it, we got nuclear bombs, nuclear power, and space exploration. That's all I'm saying.

So let's review:
The priority of education is for everyone to decide, I was simply talking about why education is awesome. Education allows people to get the stuff they need, like food, clothing, and shelter. Education also brought us advanced technologies like computers, intercontinental travel and communication, and possibly the most influential: medicine. Education has its pros and cons, as it has created technologies that kill or its intention is to kill (whether it's to kill innocents or for survival, that's up for debate). Education is a tool. Every tool has an intended use, it's up to us as human beings to decide how to use those tools. Education can be awesome and awe inspiring if we decide to use it as such.

What has education done for you? Feel free to share below, and please remain open minded guys. Don't make fun of other people please

And as always, don't forget to be awesome.

P.S. I was so wrong about this being short, this turned out to be rather long. Sorry


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