Pictures of Presidents When They Were Younger #3

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Baby Nixon:

It's weird to think Nixon was a baby once
He like breastfed and went through potty training
And so did Hitler and stuff

Nixon in High School:

He looks like he's thinking about how much he hates hippies

Kid Gerald Ford (back when his name was Leslie Lynch King Jr.):

That bowl hair cut though

Gerald Ford playing football for the University of Michigan:

For those who didn't know, Gerald Ford was made fun of a lot for being clumsy and stuff but he was actually a very good football player (playing center, linebacker and long snapper)
He even tackled someone in a game who went on to win the Heisman trophy that year

Kid Jimmy Carter with his dog Bozo:

The camera doesn't pick up the dog very well

Young Jimmy Carter:

I always thought he was a nice guy, too bad he's not doing so well right now

Kid Ronald Reagan (he's the youngest one):


Older Kid Reagan:

The resemblance for this one is kinda weird

Reagan being credited in one of his movies:

Fun fact: He was pretty liberal when he was younger, it was actually Nancy that shifted him to the right side of the aisle


  1. Poles's Avatar
    Did somebody say lynch
  2. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    Two of the images won't work for me. :c
  3. SiennaMcIntyre's Avatar
    Samos is sharing the article and the pictures with the claim of pictures as the presidents when they were in the young age. This is happened by the baby Nixon with the different way of aspect ion in the of the status when he was in the high school and then the further photos of different ages and times.
  4. Samson's Avatar
    Samos is sharing the pictures of presidents when they were young and the child as per the tag number 3. The picture here is of Nixon in high school, Gerald Ford as a kid and artprinta of playing the football on the age of 20 almost so that these clicks reminds the old times.
  5. DominicHartigan's Avatar
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